How to Pack for a Ski Vacation in the Poconos

A vacation in the Poconos is something the whole family can get excited about. When it comes to packing, however, there can be a bit of confusion over how and what to pack. Perhaps you’ve taken advantages of Camelback ski packages, or are heading to other Poconos ski resorts, but regardless of where you’ll be skiing, you want to be sure you have everything you’ll need for the perfect family ski trip.

Packing for Your Poconos Family Vacation

Packing might feel daunting, especially when you’re doing so for the whole family, but it doesn’t have to be. By making sure you have some of vacation staples, it’s easy to ensure you have everything your family could need for a ski vacation in the Poconos. Let’s take a look at some of the essentials!

A quality suitcase is essential for any vacation, of course, but prepping for a ski vacation requires much more. You’ll be packing layers of clothing to be prepared for the weather, and a good suitcase with roller wheels allows for easy packing and storage. An added plus that many high-quality suitcases offer is an expandable section that allows you to fit even more in! Eagle Creek offers a range of sizes, as does Briggs & Riley, and there are many other luggage makers out there, too.

And speaking of packing layers – it’s always a good idea to pack plenty of mountain clothing. While it’s important to have warm, yet easily maneuverable clothing for use on the slopes, it’s just as important to have warm clothing for when you’re not. These items can (and should) include long underwear and other base-layer items (Icebreaker is a popular choice), insulated layers, such as long-sleeve shirts, warm mittens or gloves that keep your hands dry, a ski helmet for safety, and proper boots for skiing, as well as for when you’re not skiing. Insulated boots keep your feet dry and warm. And don’t forget the hand warmers! Brands like HotHands and Little Hotties are always a family favorite.

One item that many people overlook is lip balm. Cold weather and wind can leave your skin feeling dry and even wind burned – and this includes your lips! Nobody likes chapped lips (especially kids), so make sure you pack plenty of Carmex or other medicated lip balm. Along that same vein, is healing cream or lotion to help keep your skin healthy, soft, and – most importantly – moisturized. This item works to maximize blood flow throughout your body, meaning those cold hands and feet will warm up a little faster.

Your Poconos family vacation will be perfect for everyone! By ensuring you pack the items that will keep everyone comfortable, warm, and dry, you’ll be looking at a truly memorable ski trip! Book your stay with Mountain’s Edge Resort today!