Frequently Asked Questions

What is a timeshare?

Timeshare is a type of property ownership that allows you to acquire a percentage of interest in a property.

How do timeshares work?

You purchase a percentage ownership in a piece of real estate that grants you shared interest in a unit that you use for a specific period of time each year. You then pay a maintenance fee every year to cover taxes and upkeep on the property.

Are there different rates for different seasons of the year?

Not Presently.

Can I use my timeshare week at anytime during the year?

We have a floating membership, if you are a red time member you can choose from all 52 weeks each year, if you are a non-red time member you have 29 weeks each year to choose from.

How do I change my timeshare week?

If you need to change your week after you have chosen it for the year you must contact the management office to see if anything else is available.

Does it cost anything to change my week?


Can I purchase extra week(s)?

Yes, you can purchase extra weeks, but you will pay the yearly maintenance fee for each week.

Can I take my vacation at a different timeshare?

You can expand the number of places you can stay by paying a fee to join an exchange. You essentially deposit some or all of the vacation time you own into an exchange system, and then withdraw a comparable amount of time at another accommodation worldwide.

Can I give or rent my time to someone else?

Yes, but you must notify the management office.