Tips for Your Family Trip to the Water Park

The summer heat is about to hit full force, which means only one thing for fun-seeking families– it’s water park season! For decades, trips to parks and resorts such as Poconos Resorts, Camelbeach Water Park, Aquatopia Water Park, and many more have been part of American summertime tradition. There is no better way to cool off than to take a dip or a dive into some of the world’s best water entertainment establishments. Here are just a few tips for your family trip to the water park to help make the most out of the experience.

Wear Sunscreen

Ask any of the folks at Kalahari Water Park– one of America’s largest indoor water parks– and they will tell you that sunscreen is your best friend, regardless if you are soaking up the rays or hiding out in the shade. It is advised that families always come prepared, even if the activities are all indoors. Several parks use special roofing to allow for natural lighting to pour in. Sunscreen helps protect the entire family from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Bring Snacks

A day without healthy snacks is no day at all.While many parks offer concessions of some variety, it is perfectly acceptable for families to tote their own favorite munchies around. Some items may be prohibited depending on location, but many facilities such as the numerous Poconos family vacation sites know the importance of a well-balanced lunch and an assortment of tasty snacks for children and adults all around. You can’t have a day of non-stop fun on an empty stomach!

Drink Water

Don’t be fooled! Just because you are swimming in large pools of water and your children are running through waterfalls does not mean that you are getting the amount of H20 that your bodies truly need. The only real way to stay hydrated is to drink plenty of clean water and to do it regularly.

Dress for the Occasion

From suits, to shoes, to life vests, to goggles– another key to enjoying a full day or weekend at a water park is to come prepared with all necessary clothing and accessories. Staff at Poconos vacation sites recommend stocking up on life vests and quality shoes for maximum comfort and a secure fit.

Scout Out the Lifeguards

No one can ever be too careful when it comes to swimming and water park safety. Even if you and your partner are CPR certified, don’t neglect to seek out all of the lifeguards and staff in the vicinity and inform your children. Having an awareness of medical support in case of an emergency will automatically reduce the likelihood that something could happen.

Establish a Meeting Place

Finally, when the day has come to an end, make sure that the family has a designated meeting place to report to. This meeting place can also act as a home base if anyone ever gets lost or separated from the rest of the group. A safe and recognizable meeting place will ensure that everyone is accounted for before retiring to your cozy hotel room at your favorite water park resort.